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5 Air Duct Cleaning Facts You Need To Know


Air duct cleaning is a home maintenance chore that many people overlook. When the facts of air duct cleaning are examined, the need for this service becomes clear.


Air duct cleaning itself involves a very careful process that removes dirt and debris from the duct system that winds through a home's ceiling. When a professional air duct cleaning service is hired, most homeowners find not only their ducts get cleaned, but also the registers, grilles and even the coils. This means the entire system that moves air through a home gets a good once over for dust, dirt, debris and bacteria. To help with the latter concern, a disinfection process might also take place during cleaning.


Air duct cleaning services are not required on an annual basis either at least for most homes. Generally, this type of service is only called for about once every three to five years.


The facts that make air duct cleaning important to consider include:


  1. Air duct cleaning can preserve a heating and cooling system. According to the Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service, an estimated nine out of 10 central heating and cooling systems fail simply because they are not cleaned properly. Considering the cost of replacement parts and complete replacement, the cost of regular cleaning can be well worth every penny.


  1. Proper cleaning can make a system more efficient. When it comes to saving money, air duct cleaning can be very important. A system that isn't properly cleaned can operate at a 21 percent efficiency deficit. This can increase heating and cooling costs greatly and hit a homeowner right in the wallet.


  1. Dirt, dust and debris in an air duct system can impact a home's air quality. The basic nature of an air duct system makes this so. If dirt and dust collect in a duct system, they will be released bit by bit as air flows through the system and out grilles and vents.


  1. Deadly bacteria can grow in air ducts. Legionnaire's Disease has been known to spawn and grow in air duct systems. The 1976 outbreak that killed some 29 people was traced to air conditioning ducts, according to the American Lung Association. When air duct cleaning is performed, bacterial growth is generally tackled and disinfection is likely to take place.


  1. Other allergens can accumulate in dirty air ducts. Mold, dust mites, pollen, pet dander and other known allergens can become trapped in an air duct system. When the system runs, these allergens are released into the air. When air ducts cleaned on a routine basis, these allergens are removed from the system and the indoor air quality can be improved.


While a good service cannot guarantee all issues with air quality will go away, these professionals can help tackle a big cause of problems.




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5 Air Duct Cleaning Facts You Need To Know

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